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In 1990, Antoine Ris and two associates create the office of Ichnos architects. They are joined in 2001 by Antoine Chabloz who leads, with Antoine Ris, the head of the company in 2003. The office changes its name and becomes ris_chabloz architects.  

The office experiences a fast growth which allows it to reinforce its existing team. It currently counts twenty architects who are in average thirty years old. With the advantage of a solid professional experience, they form a polyvalent crew, capable to treat very diverse architectural projects such as the construction of public and residential buildings and the study for more complex urban problems.  

The office ris_chabloz has become notorious on several occasions by gaining many rewards through architecture and town planning competitions. The awards received for the new village of Chêne-Bougeries or for the rebuilding of the souks in Beirut are examples of the diversity of its activities. It works in addition on a local, national and international scale in particular in carrying out projects in Canada, New York and Dubai.  



A humanistic architecture 

Architecture has a direct influence on the quality of the environment and consequently on the quality of life. Closely related to the daily activities, architecture reflects emotions, our relation to the others as well as to nature. This is why, the office ris_chabloz intends to develop each architectural situation independently of its scale of intervention and seeks to transform the knowledge and the cultures into spaces of life, lights and emotion. The office ris_chabloz also carries out a total reflexion on the consumption of energy and sustainability. It focuses its effort so that each intervention becomes ecologically responsible.  

Through its projects, the office wants to offer to his customers architectural qualities which go beyond the mere translation of a mandatory program into an addition of spaces. This is the reason why it integrates concepts which take part in balance between the man and his environment like time, movement, culture and art. It aims by this mean to increase the practical value of its achievements and to give them an emotional dimension. 



A multidisciplinary approach 

To achieve the qualitative, functional and economic goals which are given to him, the office ris_chabloz defends a multidisciplinary approach. It promotes horizontal hierarchy, team work and synergy of skills throughout the entrusted mandates. 

From the first drafts of a project, the principal sets of themes are written down. The whole team is mobilized and participates collectively at the key stages of the development. This richness of point of views nourishes the project with an permanent new eye and a constant criticism which guarantees a result in adequacy with the initial goals.  

In parallel, the office ris_chabloz carries out feasibility studies and offers services in project management, like for the project carried out during the rehabilitation of Uni Dufour with the Japanese artist? . In the desire to bring art closer to architecture, it integrates as far as possible this new dimension in its work. Therefore it was particularly involved in the negotiations with the city for the project "art in the street" in the heart of the “Quartier des Bains”, a neighbourhood with many art galleries in Geneva. 

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